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The history of the school

imageThe history of the school

  • The school was founded in April, 1920, belonged to Danan police station.
  • The officers were the teachers during the time.
  • The school became the branch of Lijia Primary School after Taiwan was independent in January, 1945.
  • The school set new classes at Xinyuan in 1963. Xinyuan became the branch of the school in 1964.
  • The school was named Danan Primary school in August in 1969; Xinyuan got to be the independent school.
  • The school was burned because of the typhoon Elsie in September 28th, 1969.
  • The judo team started in 1979.
  • The class of judo was approved to start in September, 1991.
  • The school got to set education center of Rukai tribe in August, 1997.

imageThe location of the school

  • The school is in the tribe, Tarumak, of the country side in Taitung. It’s the only school of east Rukai in Taiwan.
  • There’s Kendur Mountain and Danan river by the school. Based on the concept of conservation, the school could provide rich source of natural. 
  •  Except for the Rukai people, Amis and Chinese are also the citizen of the area.

imageThe goal of the school

  •  Confidence and Optimism

              Cultivate kids’ mind and helping them build up confidence with multi-activities.

  •  Positive and Hard-working

              Cultivating kids’ positive attitude in learning and to reach the goal of self-transcendence.

  • Respect and Care

             Respecting, admiring and caring about others by interacting with others, the culture, and the nature.

  •  Reflection and Creation

              Inspiring kids’ learning motivation and cultivating their abilities of exploring, thinking, problem solving, and creating.